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>> this is a very complex issue. it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. agreementhere is an back in 2008. between the united states and mexico where we help with technical support. we are stuck in these stereotypes. el paso is the safest city in america. we have safe cities in communities all along our border. these are great communities. i have already -- >> i have already stated we should triple the u.s. border control. we have to get serious and solve the problem of securing the border. this is an important question. mexico is a great and mighty nation. it is tragic what is happening in mexico. the violence is tragic. a businessman described to me how he received from the drug lords a letter that detailed where every one of his grand kids had been in the past week minute-by-minute. it is tragic what is happening in mexico and i think the united in mexico and i think the united states should
to mexico. i am trying to understand what they are trying to do with that voucher. i think people should understand a voucher has a limited. if that limit of money runs out, especially old people, and young people should be thinking about it, because we are getting older, once that voucher runs out, people will start tasting a little bit of a third world thing. when you go to a doctor like in mexico or any other third world, doctors over there ask you first before they attend to you if you have insurance or money. if you don't have either, they will tell you to go back outside. that is very worrisome. to make another comment about the debt we have, people need to understand that started with republicans throughout the years before obama. no regulations on wall street. it's very worrisome. i think obama is doing the right thing trying to regulate especially on wall street, because wall street is a funding tunnel of getting money out of this country and not taxing the rich. host: money is in oklahoma, republican. good morning. caller: the man before me was just on the talking points of the
of candidates on the balance were surprised. we have 16 here. former new mexico gov. gary johnson running as the libertarian candidate is the most prominent of them. it depends on who you talk to. some people say governor johnson's it support for marijuana legalization could cost president obama votes. others say they tend to pull unaffiliated voters that could go republican, so he is one to watch to see what kind of vote totals he will get. the biggest third-party candidate in colorado history was ross perot who pulled in, i think, 23% of the vote. host: curtis hubbard, what will you be watching for on election night? guest: the suburban counties around denver. you will hear a lot of talk about arapaho and jefferson counties in terms of which ever candid it will win those counties. they will have a much easier path to running the state of colorado. i will be looking closely at the number of republican votes coming in from el paso county, douglas county, mesa county. another swing county is a clear emmer, northern colorado, fort collins, colorado state university -- another county is larr
to john in new mexico. on our line for democrats. caller: good morning. it is a great honor to be on the c-span. i studied this report in geology actually last year at unm, and wrote a report on this report. they use words like unequivocally, climate change is real, they use words like absolutely the climate has been changed. 95% degree of certainty the climate has been changed. now, i drive a ford. and i like driving, like the freedom of driving. i do not want to be a hypocrite. because climate change is real. and you can ignore climate change, it will not go away. claiming it is an act of god will not change it. the top scientists have agreed that the ocean level is rising from melting ice around the world. climate change is real. host: here is the washington times editorial. regulationsomobiles will claim hundreds of lives by making vehicles less safe. the environmental protection agencies were on call shut down to water plants that produce af- caller: i do not know there is enough money to throw at the problems. it is very depressing to me. because i really think that there is going to
. -- there are flaws. from "the new york daily news." dale is on the phone from new mexico. good morning. caller: thank you for having me on. i cannot believe your last caller. the only reason the black panthers were there was to make sure the skinheads did not get in the way of people voting. as far as they're being a problem with the election, it is possible. i think is a very possible. one of these days, maybe you can help us out and put an elementary teacher on exploiting with the electoral college is. i do not know why we have it. host: we will certainly be talking about that this week and next week because it is an important civics lesson. by the way, in case you're interested, we have a c-span in the classroom website that focuses on the process of electing officials. it is a free service. go to and you will learn more about among other things the electoral college. "the new york post." another ad from the obama campaign. [video clip] >> in here, it is just you. no ads, no debates, just you. think about this, mitt romney's plan rose back regulations on the banks across the economy, me
and there is a 12 point difference. pennsylvania, a seven. a difference. new mexico his 11 points. those are the swing states. you know where you are from and if you're a swing state. we will begin those in just a minute after we talk to linda. caller: high. this was a great debate. finally we are reaching into substance and what is at core with the problem, which is the stated philosophy. one is talking about how to make something go and the other is talking about why we make it go. the reasons why we wanted to go that way. we are talking about the difference between service and sales. mr. romney is presenting a good case for service. he does the math in and out. he has been in corporate for 15 years. he has all the technical skills to carry out the goals of the philosophy and the people. he makes the best arguments so far about why to have a constitutional amendment voted on by the people as co presidency that would provide a connection between left and right to that would turn us into a unilateral one party system. it would shed what makes us different and apart from each other. host:
education. he was such a tyrant's about it. he often threatens to send me back to mexico if i did not do well in school. that was a scary threats. i did not want to go back to mexico. i wanted to make him proud. another thing i felt was that because i begged him to bring me, i felt that i owed him that. i felt that i never wanted my father to say i should not have brought you. >> winner of the american book award and international latino book award and growing up an illegal alien in los angeles tonight at 8:00 eastern. >> "washington journal"continue as -- host: the political columnist ed "the washington times." in his column this morning, he writes that this coming week may live up to the characterization that every week is a make or break a week of the campaign after labor day. do you think this week is a big win for the candidates? guest: in washington again breathless about things like debates. i think it is important. foreign policy is an area that people have to prove that they can meet a certain threshold and are not completely out of their depth in terms of dealing with a lot of
was laughing. there they go again. host: betty from new mexico joins us. we are talking about the role of the moderator. what you think? caller: i thought the first debate was really a non-debate here about it was very poorly handled by jim lehrer. mitt romney basically took over, shot and over him at one point. that was beyond rude to me, to treat the moderator that way. and i sensed, not too many hardball questions, more like a softball game. on the flip side, i thought martha raddatz handled everything beautifully. she is a consummate pro. and she knows what is going on out of there. i thought her questions were pointed. i can see where the republicans would be upset. because paul ryan did come off as somebody who really was not all that knowledgeable. let us face it, the romney-ride ticket has absolutely 0 no for foreign policy experience. host: are you surprised that a lot of the debate to up foreign policy questions? caller: and over. i am absolutely decided. host: even over questions of the economy? caller: yes. to be honest with you, i think they are on an equal bar. and vice-p
romney and showing some fight that we did not see before. quoting democratic officials from the mexico, she watched the debate with a sense of dismay and she worried about how she was going to talk about this debate to democrats and independent voters that she needs to get out to the polls. he has to show that he is willing to take on mitt romney and defend his record, yet this town hall format is one where real people will be on stage and asking poignant and pointed questions about their own lives. it is a risk for the candidates to take these questions and just use them as an opportunity to attack each other. they want to come away feeling that the candidates have addressed this issue. that they do not feel like props. people are warning about that. from bill clinton told a group of donors in los angeles that it is not a format, which is one of the challenges that obama will face tonight. host: this is your headline in today's "the wall street journal." of host: before we let you go, any talk about the topics tonight? caller: candy has the guest -- the discretion to pick. the questio
for united states citizens first. >> as double of the mexico i ran a completely out of the political system, i got elected republican governor and state that was 2-1 democrat and made a name for myself of vetoing legislation. i'd be done more legislation than the other 49 governors in the country combined. i b to add 750 bills, and thousands of line item vetoes, it made a difference when it can to billions of dollars worth of spending, it made a difference when it came to laws that would have told you are by what i could or couldn't do in the bedroom. host: here johnson reports that he will appear on the ballot in 48 states including some of battlegrounds. and in colorado, new hampshire and an ohio -- johnson could be a thorn in romney side if the election is close. and in virginia, virgil goode could be a problem for gov. romney in that state as well. here is more from a third-party presidential debate. with the other candidates. [video clip] >> there are 90 million voters who are not coming out to vote in this election. that is one out of every two of voters, twice as many as the number w
and it shows the swing states. nevada, colorado, and even new mexico, and iowa, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire, virginia, north carolina, and florida. if you live in one of these swing states, we want to hear from you during this next segment and your opinion and all that kind of stuff. so go ahead and dial in now and we want to show you just a little more from last night's state. this is on the topic of libya. [video clip] >> when you look at what has happened just in the last few weeks, the u.s. ambassador out to say this was because of a protest of a youtube video. it took the president two weeks to announce this was a terrorist attack. he went to the u.n. talked about the youtube video six times. if we are hit by terrorists, we will call it what it is, a terrorist attack. our ambassador in tehran has a marine detachment guarding him. should we not have the same for our ambassador in benghazi, a place where we knew there was a al qaeda cell with arms? this is becoming more troubling by the day. now they're trying to blame the romney-ryan ticket for making this a
retired. i have lived for my job, going to mexico in my lifetime. i took early retirement, due to that. so it is not this matter that the last four years has done this. it is been a quite a few years that has done this. ohio is definitely a republican state. i am old enough to know. i have lived through a lot of elections. i worked on the election board. i have done the whole thing for my party. and president obama -- he speaks to you. he tells you the facts. he tells you like it is. if you do not like it, that is another story. he does not jump from one thing to another and a change his mind. and i am very fearful if governor romney gets in the, that we are in big trouble. host: he said ohio is a republican state, but president obama won it pretty decisively quarter years ago. caller: yes. i was surprised. i have a friend was 96 years old. very strong republican. and you ought to talk to her today. she comes from a foreign country. we do of the honda plant, too. and that is china. but they sure have a lot of jobs here. those people are working. now you must remember, president obama when
on a story that came now. remember when mr. obama said stay out of mexico on spring break? his daughter took a dozen friends and 25 secret servicemen to mexico. the cost was enormous. i think that should be reported. republican or democrat, i do not think there force one should go so often on campaigning. guest: i think you have a valid point about the overspending in washington. i think a lot of people know that. i do not think that we do a good job there either. one of the pieces that we did yesterday was talking about how many are not covering house races. that's where you have an opportunity to vote the bums out. the democrats need 25 seats, if not more, to have a majority and the house. that story is not being reported. guest: it is easy to plot an example about how much air force one is being used or were the president's family is vacationing. the white house is overspending. every dollar has to be approved by congress. both parties are complicit in that and have been unable to reach a budget deal that would take a cut in spending and perhaps raise revenue. guest: that will be evident
country and clearing people out from other countries. 95% of the people in mexico want to come here to work, you know what i mean? all i have to say is that under the obama administration, what he is trying to create in the united states is why they are running away from mexico. host: we are talking about foreign policy and what you would like to hear the candidates asked tonight. let's look at this nbc news poll that has gotten a lot of attention over the last 24 hours. you can see the gender gap there. men prefer mitt romney 53% to 43%. when, however, prefer president obama 51% to 43%. the poll also asked about feelings towards candidates on a range of issues, including foreign policy and who would do a better job. 46% said president obama. kathleen in ohio. as we listen to kathleen, we will take a look at the outside of the debate hall, the site of tonight's debate. caller: thank you. the president and the vice president are coming to ohio tomorrow, so we are excited, but i would like to see both of them focus on the facts in regards to, for instance, iran. i follow a former bush
to the constitution. >> the race to succeed retiring new mexico senator akaka is just one of the key house or senate government races you can follow on -- house, senate, and governor races. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are highlighting key battleground states of campaign 2012. today we put a spotlight on iowa. joining us from des moines is a senior political writer with the associated press, mike glover. what is the economy like in the iowa? guest: the economy is probably better than the rest of the country. it's not great, but we have not suffered the depths of the recession that some other parts of the country have. the economy is less of an issue than it is in many other places around. basically because the farm economy is pretty good this year. commodity prices aren't up, land prices -- commodity prices are up as well as land prices. so there's not a lot of economic uncertainty. host: what are the top issues that iowa voters are thinking? guest: it depends on what group you are talking to. on the republican side, the topics they are talking about are the social issues.
their hands of healthcare. host: don in mexico independent caller. you're on the air with frank donatelli of gopac. caller: good morning. mr.donatelli. as an independent, i find your comments insulting. i find them insulting because you should know that the affordable care act actually extends the life of medicare. second point, you should also know that you said we've had four years of 8% unemployment. the last number that came in was 7.8%. you should know that. i am disappointed as an independent who wants to make rational judgment and you present fact that are incontract. it -- inaccurate, it is so disappointing. host: what's your response? guest: only in obama world we could have unemployment 8% in four years. all of sudden last month the unemployment rate drops 7.8% and people start cheering that. look, i'm glad unemployment is going down. don't get me wrong. does that excuse the last four years of terrible economic policies and the fact that unemployment has been unacceptably high? does that excuse that? more importantly, do we have any expectation, i would ask the gentleman this
the risk of an oil disaster in the arctic that we experienced in the gulf of mexico just two years ago when we blew a hole in the ocean, killed 11 american workers and put crude-oil in some of the most wrenching -- most rich fishing areas in the world. what they're really annoyed about is we have not opened up the alaska wildlife reserve that was set aside by a point eisenhower as a legacy for our children so that our children could avoid the national splendor -- could enjoy the national splendor of our country. host: tom on the democrat line. caller: good morning. good to speak with both of you. i was speaking to a climate scientist last year, and he informed me there are two studies now that show there is up 4% reduction in the amount of oxygen in the biosphere over the past 80 years. that poor trends to the future -- that pertains to the future. the lake i live on is over 2 s everawyower than it have been. the whole area here nearly burned down. and i live in a forest. why in the world are we lacking so far behind in building high- speed trains? our neighbor is building like crazy. a lot
below year because of hurricanes in the gulf of mexico. we saw production going down offshore from september of 2009 onward. there have been modest increases depending on how you want to measure it. as a share of the total, it has fallen off dramatically. when you combine onshore and offshore, that is partly because of the leases. in terms of the keystone pipeline itself, that pipeline has been under review for four years which is twice the normal amount of time. would bring the equivalent of 800,000 barrels per day to the united states to our refiners in the gulf which would be about half of what we import from the persian gulf. more than that, it would employ directly along that 71800-mile route, many construction jobs. the big impact for america would be the trade impact. the difference in trade would give us about 90,000 new jobs. in terms of the composition of the oil itself in the pipeline, it is similar to the heavy oil we have been moving for ever. we already have in california, we import 1.5 million barrels per day of oil sands. this is not new. it has passed every single
. he improved economy today in the u.s. immigration from mexico saw an historic low during the worst years of the recession. people started heading back home and continue doing so from 2007 .o 2011 emma's headed north in the first half of 2012 -- immigrants headed north in the first half of 2012 outnumbered those heading back. from sacramento, california on our independent line, the morning. caller: the morning. as far as the gender gap, i want to talk about micro lending, which presupposes that women are the justice the words of the economy because they will turn their investments the with-are be trusted stew -- the trusted stewards of the economy. where is income one to come from if the bush tax cuts are reversed? what is going to happen if we increase money on defense and all of these promises. where is the return on investment in romney's vision? why is the intelligence of the american people, especially women, being consulted with all of this language of class warfare? it is completely of certification. i wish there was a more egalitarian few -- view of why it is so important to
:00 eastern here from david wess tin. and sunday from noon to 6:00 infiltrating mexico's drug cartels. the texas book festival live this weekend on "book tv" on c-span2. "washington journal" continues. host: we're continuing our look at battleground states with our focus on north carolina. joining us by phone from charlotte north carolina the chairman of the democratic party. welcome to the program. guest: tell us -- how are you host: tell us what is going on and are the democrats still in play for the obama campaign? guest: definitely in play for democrats up and down the ticket as well as for the president. host: but there's been reports from various outlets say say that it's not in play t president has not been in north carolina stins convention. how do you explain that? guest: basically democrats are turning out to vote. we're turning out to vote at all of the early voting locations and we're voting -- our turnout is higher than the republicans. so we don't pay attention to the polls the same others might. we pay attention to the polls where early voting is taking place and for us
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)